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  • August 25 Sunday from 9am - 1.30pm :  There will be a blessing service to celebrate  the 70th birthday of our great President of the Vihara Most Venerable Bhante Maharagama Dhammasiri. All are welcome to this very special event. Please see the flyer below.

All are welcome for all the events held at the vihara

(Please contact the vihara at (202) 723 0773 for more information)

Blessing Service

Blessing Service Flyer

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As a mother would risk her own life to protect her only child, even so towards all living beings one should cultivate a boundless heart. - Karaniya Metta Sutta.

Endeavoring to share the knowledge of the Dhamma of the Buddha, the Washington Buddhist Vihara, from it is very inception, has supported a policy that goes beyond ethnic and cultural boundaries. Though people of many nationalities frequent the Vihara, all regular services are conducted in the English language. This policy has greatly aided the introduction of Buddhism to the USA. In fact, almost one half of the Washington Buddhist Vihara Society's membership is made up of local Americans. As there are no language barriers, visitors and devotees who speak different languages feel quite at home at the Vihara. There is always some one to talk to.
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