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Tharuna Seela Samadanaya Official Web Site
Welcome to Tharuna Seela Samadanaya official web site from the Maharama Siri Vajiragnana Dharmayathanaya (Sinhala & English Versions)...

Asia Tribune
Daya Gamage – US Bureau of Asian Tribune. The US State Department’s Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for South and Central Asian Affairs Donald A. Camp ...

Janavijaya Foundation
Janavijaya Foundation (JVF) is a non-profit organization that was founded by the late-venerable Gangodawila Soma Thero to encourage people to develop a life ...

Access to Insight
Hundreds of suttas from the Pali Canon. Buddhist Publication Society books and pamphlets. Books by Thai Meditation masters. An on-line glossary of Pali & Theravada Buddhist terms. On-line essays cross referenced with and linked to the on-line archive of suttas (all in html).   New materials are added to the site on a monthly basis. This site is well organized and easy to use. 

Forest Sangha
A directory to the communities of disciples of the Venerable Ajahn Chah.

The Bhavana Society
The Bhavana Society is a sister organization of the Washington D.C. Buddhist Vihara. It is a monastery and retreat center established by Bhante Henepola Gunaratana Nayaka Thera. Venerable Henepola Gunaratana Nayaka Thera is a former president of the Washington D.C. Buddhist Vihara and author of the book "Mindfulness In Plain English" ( as well as several other books about Buddhist meditation ).  In addition to information about the retreat center this site has essays about Buddhism and meditation written by Venerable Gunaratana. 

Venerable Pannyavaro offers interactive meditation instructions on-line. Large archive of  Theravada books and essays. An online Buddhist Women's magazine. 

The Buddhist Publication Society
The Buddhist Publication Society (BPS), founded in Sri Lanka in 1958, is an approved charity dedicated to making known the teaching of the Buddha. BPS publications represent the standpoint of Theravada Buddhism, the oldest living Buddhist tradition whose Pali Canon gives us the most authentic account of what the historical Buddha himself actually taught. Click on their "News Letter" link to read newly published essays by Bhikku Bodhi. You can also read some of their new publications by clicking on the "Publications" link. You can read new Bodhi Leaf booklets by clicking on the "Catalogue" link and scrolling to the bottom. Many past BPS publications can be downloaded for free from The ATI BPS Page  which has many of the booklets in html format. The DharmaNet Archive also has a large collection of BPS publications in plain text format free for downloading.   Many BPS titles are available for immediate purchase from the Vihara Book Service. 

The Buddhist Resource File
Searchable index for a wide of variety of Internet and Real Life resources covering several Buddhist Traditions. E-Mail lists, web pages, chats, texts, and sound files. The link above is set to the Theravada section, so be sure to scroll down to see it once you get there. 

Metta Net
Pali Language Sources & Resources, on-line resources for learning and studying the Pali language. Links to the Pali Canon online. 

The Vippassana Page
Archive of Buddhist women writers.  Free books, booklets, and essays.  An E-Mail list for discussing meditation and the Dhamma.  Area Meditation groups. 

Wheaton Buddhist Vihara
International Buddhist Center - Wheaton, MD

Listen to Bhante Punnaji's talks online.

Proposed Meditation Center of Bhante Assaji in UK.


Sri Lankan Interests:

Lanka Web
Latest News from Sri Lanka.

Lanka Academic Network
The Lanka Academic Network, is a non-profit organization that was founded in June 1991 to improve and develop electronic communication within and outside of Sri Lanka. LAcNet is dedicated to enhancing educational facilities and opportunities in Sri Lanka, as well as disseminating information on Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka Net
Sri Lanka Net (SLNet) is a moderated e-mail list. SLNet distributes news and information associated with Lanka to its 3000+ subscribers. The membership is free and is open to anyone with an internet email address.

Lanka Bhumi
Sri Lanka's Living Heritage Network. This site has information mainly about various sacred sites of Sri Lanka.

Lanka Page
Latest News from Sri Lanka - Updated round the clock.

Lanka Truth
Latest News from Sri Lanka.

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By clicking the link above you can download a file ( ) that will let you convert Sinhalese E-Mail written with English fonts into Sinhalese E-Mail written with Sinhalese fonts.  You will need to decompress or "unzip" the file after you download it.  Windows 95/98/NT users may download  WinZip  if they do not already have it installed.  Directions for how to convert your email are in the file called "Directions.txt" that will appear once you unzip ""