Fund Raising Program in Ahrenburg, Germany (March 2005)

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Ven. Maharagama Dhammasiri and Rev. Helgo Haak have been friends for 23 years. But this was the first time they reunited after23 years. Rev Haak met Ven. Dhammasiri when he was at the Bhikku Training Center in Maharagama, Sri Lanka to study Buddhism, Buddhist Meditation and the daily activities of the Buddhist Monks.

When Rev. Haak heard about the Tsunami dissaster, he immediately called Ven. Dhammasiri to see what he could do to help the Tsunami victims in Sri Lanka. He also invited Ven. Dhammasiri to Germany so that they could organize a charity event for the children who were affected by the Tsunami.

Bhante Dhammasiri enjoyed his visit to meet his friend and was happy that he could participate for such event to do some thing for Sri Lanka.

Ven Dhammasiri with Mrs Ursula the Mayer of the city of Ahrenburg (left) and Rev. Helgo Haak (right)

Attending a meeting at the Mayer's office 

 Ven. Dhammasiri with young children after a meeting of an introduction to the Buddhism

Bhante Dhammasiri conducting a meditation session for students in a school

Bhante with the youth group of the Ahrenburg Church

 The Ahrenburg Church is open to many visions

Young children keenly listening to Bhante Dhammasiri  

Even little kids in Ahrenburg city donated for the Tsunami relief project

The Ahrenburg City Band marched to collect funds for the Tsunami relief

 The Band performing at the City Center

 The band leader worked exceptionally hard to make this event a success  

Bhante with the Speaker of the parliement of Ahrenburg


Ceremony at the Church

 Rev. Haak's birth place

Ven. Dhammasiri with members of the Hamburg Buddhist Association