Opening Ceremony of the Ahrenberg Janavijaya Kindergarten

in Madihe, Matara

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In memory of most ven. Midihe Pannasiha Maha Nayake Thero, the founder of the Washington Buddhist Vihara, Janavijaya Foundation bought this 69 perches land with a large house of five bed rooms for the Kindergarten in Madihe, Matara, Sri Lanka. The original value of this property was US$ 80,000. But Mr. Tillakewardena the owner of the land agreed to sell it for our US$ 45,000 for our noble task.

Mr. Tillakewardene, a relative of the late Most Ven. Madihe Pannasiha mahanayake thero.

Gradually this premises will accommodate 100 Tsunami affected children

 Ven. Diddenipota Dhammananda Bhante D and Ven.Rajawelle Subhuti at the opening ceremony

Handing over the Dead of the land to Specialist Dr. D.V.J.Harishchandra a founder member of the Janavijaya Foundation

Giving hope to the Tsunami effected children

 Donating to the  kids  

Ven.Subhuti Thera the chief co-ordinator of the Janavijaya Tsunami Services

It was a joyful event for these kids




Donations for a kid.

  Janavijaya activist Japan Ayya giving away gifts








The Project Plan.